Axway Streams

Learn how to augment your existing infrastructure with an event hub that facilitates the exchange of messages and events between devices, microservices, and applications. Go beyond the traditional request-response paradigm and its limitations. Streams uses event-driven APIs, such as server-sent events (SSE) and Webhooks, to help you adopt event-driven integration patterns with your ecosystem.

Move data in real-time with Streams

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Get started with Axway Streams

Learn how to create a topic with Streams and automatically publish content with Streams HTTP Poller publisher. Also learn, as a consumer, how to subscribe to a topic using server-sent events (SSE).

Streams concepts

Streams is a publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging service where the senders of messages are decoupled from the receivers of messages.


Learn how to use the different types of Publishers supported by Streams.


Learn how to use the different types of Subscribers supported by Streams.

Topics API

The Streams Topics API provides programmatic access to efficiently manage pub/sub topics.

Streams Reference Architecture

Install Streams and learn how to upgrade an existing installation.

Installing Streams

Install Streams on-premise, or deploy in your private cloud.

Streams Security Guidance

This section describes how the the product was developed in a secure way, and provides a link to the Streams Security guide.

Streams metrics

Understand the metrics provided by Streams

Capacity planning and performance

This guide provides information for capacity planning and outlines performance results for common use cases for Streams.

Release Notes

Release notes for Axway Streams.